Piszolla, dedication and passion for trout
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Quality and sustainability

Each one of our fish farms is strategically placed in exceptional locations in Spain, guaranteeing a stable supply of high-quality water and optimal conditions for the production of trout, always seeking to preserve animal welfare.

The Group in turn has two modern preparation plants in which added value is given to the trout, adapting its many benefits to the development of the market and the demands of consumers, and always under the strict control of a quality management system, HACCP to offer the greatest food safety possible in our products and guaranteeing traceability from the egg to the customer.
The Piszolla Group is committed to the environment and carries on sustainable aquacultural management, and for this reason the technological innovations making this possible are constantly present among the objectives of the company in order to improve, prevent and minimise environmental impact.

We are able to say that within the company we have created an awareness of environmental protection, which is maintained from day to day, as we know that it is thanks to nature that our industry exists.

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