Piszolla, dedication and passion for trout
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With more than 30 years experience and 5,500 mt. of product put on the market, the Piszolla Group has an established presence resulting from a family business dealing with efficiency and care with the process of reproduction, breeding, preparation and marketing of the rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss).

It also has infrastructures of the latest technology and staff who are highly qualified and have wide work experience in the business, brought together for the sole purpose of applying a system of ongoing improvement in all production processes and handling the demands made on us daily for our products.

All of this merely confirms the confidence placed in us by our customers, working in a consolidated market in Spain and in Europe and being able to offer products at competitive prices and of the highest quality.


Each one of our fish farms is strategically placed in exceptional locations in Spain, guaranteeing a stable supply of high-quality water and optimal conditions for the production of trout, always seeking to preserve animal welfare.

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Grupo Piszolla Apartado de Correos, nº7 - 19100 Pastrana - Guadalajara, España Tel/Fax +34 969 133 199 - piszolla@piszolla.com
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