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Production control

The Piszolla Group has total control over the production cycle of the rainbow trout, and hence does not need any external agent to reproduce, breed or prepare its trout. This together with continuous quality control means that our customers trust our wide variety of products.

In this way we are able to ensure the complete traceability of the trout, as we have our own fish farms with each one specialising in carrying out a specific cycle of the life of this salmonid.

  • Ovapiscis, which together with fish farming partners and under a strict quality system is one of the main suppliers of fertilised trout eggs in Europe.
  • Cimballa, hatching plant where a spring is born which supplies the plant with pure crystal-clear water which it uses for the hatching and development of the young fish. The young fish is ensured a strong constitution and effective defences which can protect it in the future.
  • Growth installations, which only receive young trout ready to enter growth tanks, where the health and welfare of the fish is guaranteed for obtaining magnificent quality. Once they have reached optimal size they are transferred, in specially designed vehicles, to our preparation chambers.
  • Preparation and Added Value Chambers, equipped with modern technology and with a continuous stock of live trout ready to be prepared in accordance with the specific needs of each customer, and always ensuring the highest quality in a way which respects the environment.
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